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New Flash Animation after a long time

2011-01-13 00:41:58 by MCYoshi

So I kind of abandoned flash for a good long while, but finally finished an animation that I've been working with on and off for over a year now. Anyway this is easily the biggest animation I've completed and hope that when it's posted tomorrow that you guys can enjoy it. If it does well enough, I'll probably start a series of shorts, otherwise... well I'll just stick to other things.


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2011-01-13 15:13:30

hmm... i dont like the sound of that *"if it does well..." i think youre looking at it the wrong way here, your attitude should be like, if t goes well, ill do other parodies like that. if your movie doesnt do well, that shouldnt dictate whether you do flash or not, i might be taking this the wrong way, and you mean other flash projects, in which case im sorry.

MCYoshi responds:

Basically I meant if enough people liked it I would be more motivated to spend a bit more time with flash. Right now I'm pretty busy as is so I can only spend so much time on it. If my stuff isn't what people are looking for I figure I should probably spend more time elsewhere. Either way I'm probably never going to be done with flash as it's fun and I enjoyed creating the movie whether or not it becomes popular.