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Well looks like...

2011-01-14 21:59:08 by MCYoshi

for the most part people liked the flash... though guess there were a few who didn't like it and thought they needed to trash it. Either way glad that some of you enjoyed it. Had some other flash ideas in mind, but rethinking my route this time around so might be a while before I post something again.

So I kind of abandoned flash for a good long while, but finally finished an animation that I've been working with on and off for over a year now. Anyway this is easily the biggest animation I've completed and hope that when it's posted tomorrow that you guys can enjoy it. If it does well enough, I'll probably start a series of shorts, otherwise... well I'll just stick to other things.

Well now I got my first post out.

2008-06-06 22:21:49 by MCYoshi

Well great to see people enjoyed my video. I guess if it's gets enough attention I'll make another one. Barely had to time to make this one though however. The only way I see me getting another out soon is if I recycle some parts. Oh well I guess I'll see what happens.